Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Thing #47--Am I a Winner?

Back when I used to read "women's" magazines on a regular basis I was a sucker for any type of test that could tell me about some aspect of my personality. Today I took an online personality test that promised to do the same thing.

I was introduced to the Website mary.com a while back. The site is to "Discover yourself, understand your relationships on a deeper level, read articles, take quizzes on your personality and love, meet singles, meet friends." There are literally dozens of tests you can take; today I wanted to find out if Mary's interpretation of "Are You a Winner?"

Mary thought I was! According to my report: "Your level of achievement-striving is average. You balance work and family well, a great skill for developing good relationships. You'll get on fine with almost any scorer on this scale." I patted myself on the back and went on about my day.

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