Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Thing #29--Cuts Like a Knife

Many years ago I invested in good Wüsthof knives. They have served me well...but over the years they've gotten pretty dull. Not even the sharpening steel was having an effect. Today I got my knives professionally sharpened.

Bertarelli Cutlery is in "the Hill" area of St. Louis. There are many Italian bakeries, grocery stores, and restaurants there, which makes for pleasant errand-running. I invited Tony to go with me but since he and his germs had to stay in the car we weren't able to pop in and out of places, which was a shame because the weather was beautiful for February.

When I dropped off the knives, the clerk estimated it would take 45 minutes. Tony said we couldn't leave the area without a loaf of bread, so we drove to Missouri Baking. Got a loaf of butter crust...AND a pastry for Tony...AND a hot cross bun for me...AND some Valentine cookies! We ate our treats in the car, then drove back to pick up the knives. They were ready before the promised time.

I chopped some broccoli with one of my newly-sharpened knives when I got home. What a difference! I'm planning on getting the knives sharpened once a year from now on.

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