Monday, February 18, 2008

New Thing #38--Fluffy Footwear

For me, mid-February is when the "winter blahs" really set in. Christmas was way in the past, and Spring Break doesn't happen for another month. This week's forecast:
  • cloudy, windy, and cold
  • snow showers and falling temperatures
  • partly cloudy and cold
  • mostly cloudy and cold
  • cloudy and cold
UGH! I have to wear the same old winter clothes I've been wearing since Thanksgiving, cause short sleeves just won't cut it. I need to do something different. Today I wore my slippers to work.

My slippers are broken in, blue, and fluffy. They're the most comfortable footwear in my closet. However, except for a quick trip out to the mailbox, they've never left the house. Since there was a little snow on the ground, I wore a pair of hard-soled shoes into the building, and then changed into the slippers. They worked great except for when I had to step outside to get something from a car...the ground was a little muddy and wet, but I managed to keep my feet dry.

My students, who have great but unusual fashion sense, didn't even mention my unusual footwear.


  1. I bet they thought you were terribly hip--I see kids wearing slippers even in winter here. Go figure :)

  2. I love it! How old are your students? My fourth graders would notice, but might not say anything.

  3. My students are all teens, ranging in age from 15-18. They're also all boys!