Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Thing #25--To The Polls!

I don't know when Missouri started having a presidential primary, but I was under the impression that you had to be a registered Republican or Democrat to vote in it. I was surprised when our household received a polling place notification card last week. Today I went to the polls and voted in the presidential primary.

I took my job seriously, and read about the candidates' positions in the newspaper and online. I did NOT listen to the pre-recorded phone calls that I guess are supposed to help me make up my mind. (Are you listening, Governor Blunt, Senator McCaskill, and Ann Romney? How about you half-dozen other callers that I was fortunate to miss over the weekend?)

There were no other propositions or things to vote for, so the whole process went very quickly. I'm sure I'll be able to find out tomorrow just who the winners were.

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