Monday, February 25, 2008

New Thing #45--Everyone Has an Opinion

We subscribe to the daily St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and I try to read it every day, but in actuality, some days "reading" it means looking at the headlines in each news section.

One section I never get around to reading is the Editorial/Opinion pages. I look at the day's political cartoon, skim through a few letters to the editor, and occasionally read one of the columns. However, today I challenged myself and read the Editorial and Opinion page from cover to cover.

As you might expect, there were columns about the presidential campaign. I also read about Medicare changes and the initiatives that will show up on the state ballot in November. There were two national columnists that are printed each Monday--Jonah Goldberg and Paul Krugman. There was also a local column about pediatrician training.

The letters to the editor covered most of the same topics; I agreed with many of the opinions expressed in them.

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