Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Thing #46--Can You Reconcile That?

I'm extremely lucky to have a wonderful husband who takes charge of paying the bills and reconciling the family checkbook. However, when I opened my business account I needed to take care of the monthly bank statement myself.

Tony was very patient with me when I had stupid questions about the process and kindly showed me where I went wrong (which was almost every month in the beginning). However, over the years I've gotten much better and hardly ever have to ask for his help.

This month I was having a very hard time reconciling the statement. I almost threw in the towel and asked for assistance. Much to my surprise, I found the mistake in my checkbook and reconciled the account on my own!

It took a couple of tries to find my STUPID mistake. I had to pull out last month's statement for comparison, and calculate the register several times, but it felt really good when I found it.

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