Friday, February 22, 2008

New Thing #42--Have I Got a Tip for You!

I had a coupon from one of the local pizza restaurants for a free lunch special. Since I couldn't find anyone to go with me I went by myself.

I didn't have to pay ANYTHING for my meal; the special consists of salad, pizza, and drink. The cashier even pointed out how I could upgrade to a larger 10"pizza instead of the 6" standard size and stay within the parameters of the coupon. I placed my order, was given a number to put on the table, and helped myself to drink, plate, and silverware.

The cashier was also the one who brought out my salad and pizza, and picked up the dirty salad plate when I was done. She was friendly and chatted a bit when she brought the food out. When I was finished with my lunch I stayed for a while and finished reading the newspaper, because the restaurant wasn't busy. The last thing I did before I left to go back into the cold was leave a BIG tip for my server. Proportionate to what my lunch would have cost it was a bigger percentage tip than I've ever left (way more than my standard 20%); but I still had more money left in my wallet than if I'd paid for lunch.

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