Friday, November 28, 2008

New Thing #322--Adults

All the boys came home for Thanksgiving...and will stay until the end of the weekend. It's been great having them all here.

Tonight Tony and I went out to dinner at Jake's Steaks on Laclede's Landing with Brian and his friend Nicole, then we all went to Lumiere Place Casino for the first time. This is the first time I've gone gambling with any of my children. As we approached the gaming floor, I stopped and thought about how old my "babies" are getting.

After we entered we all went our separate ways, agreeing on a time and place to rendezvous. Since I visit the casino very infrequently, and I'm quite the low roller, I found a penny slot machine to sit at. That way I could get a lot of gambling for a little bit of money.

On a penny slot machine you can bet one cent for a single line, or add more lines for a higher bet. My 20 lines cost me 20 cents for each spin. At one point my "return" on my initial dollar investment was pretty good; I was able to play for a long time with my winnings. However, that money disappeared, as did a bit more of my bankroll. I was more than happy to quit when it was time to meet up with the group.

The young people wanted to play a bit longer, so Tony and I left the casino and walked over to the Four Seasons Hotel that's attached to the casino. It was quiet compared to the bustle of the gaming floor. There was a cozy fireplace and a wonderful view of the skyline from the reception area. When it was time to return, we exited at the lobby level of the hotel and walked back to the casino.

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