Monday, November 17, 2008

New Thing #311--Contest Central

Today I entered a recipe in a contest.

I chose one sponsored by the California Walnut Board. The contest was called "Smart Holidays Menu Makeover". According to their Website:
The holiday season is celebrated by people of all cultures who share traditional foods and festive times with those they love, but it’s also when they pay less attention to their nutritional intake. The California Walnut Board is encouraging all families to makeover their favorite holiday dishes in a smart way that embraces the taste and tradition of holiday meals while improving their diet.
As stated in the contest rules, the Grand Prizes for the contest are stand mixers, but randomly-picked submissions receive an apron, and every entry receives a promotional grocery bag. Any of those prizes sounded good to me, so I went through my recipe files to find an appropriate one to submit.

I chose a recipe for a quick bread that my Mom used to make every Christmas. Her recipe was loaded with butter and sugar. Over the years, I've decreased the sugar and butter, and swapped out some of the white flour for whole wheat. I still think it tastes good with the changes.

I submitted my recipe online; it showed up on the Website in just a couple of minutes. I guess it's now up to the judges to decide if its prizeworthy.


  1. RYQ: i just typed myers-briggs test into google and did one that came up. it didn't take long to complete.

  2. Good luck with the competition.. let us know how you get on.

  3. I think I saw an ad for that one. There were a bunch of recipe contest postings on stltoday.com the other day.

    The only one I've ever entered was one of the Pillsbury Bake-off ones a couple of years ago--got no response, so obviously didn't make the cut.

    Every month I read my Better Homes & Gardens magazine and see their "winning" recipes and think I should submit something (nothing to lose but time), but I never do. Maybe I should try.

    Good luck with your entry!

  4. What a cool idea! Good luck, I hope you win :)