Friday, November 7, 2008

New Thing #301--A boost?

I woke up today sensing that I was "coming down with something"; my symptoms included a scratchy throat, a vague headache, and a feeling of tiredness. As the day wore on, I started feeling worse, so I decided to go home and take care of myself.

On the way home, I stopped by Whole Foods to buy some tea and see what they had supplement-wise to boost immune systems. I know there's conflicting reports about the effectiveness of herbal cold and flu remedies, but I have friends that swear by them. Whole Foods had a SECTION devoted to immune system boosting! Who knew? I must have looked lost, because an associate came by and asked if I needed help. In response to my question, she pointed out several products, one of which caught my eye. Today I bought a product to boost my immune system so I wouldn't get sick.

The product I chose was Emergen-C Immune Defense. From the Website:
When your immune system needs a boost try this extra power-packed Emergen-C drink mix. It starts with 1,000 mg of Vitamin C and key B vitamins, then adds a full day's supply of Zinc, Vitamins A & D, Selenium, Hibiscus extract and Elderberry concentrate. All in a soothing blend of natural fruit and honey flavors you mix with water. .. Since when was pumping up your immune health such a pleasure?
Although Emergen-C was packaged in boxes that contained 36 packets, the packets were also sold individually; I could sample the product without a big money commitment. I added several packets to my bag. When I got home I followed the package directions and added the packet to 4 ounces of water and stirred it together. The powder fizzed in the cup, and dissolved completely. The Ruby Lemon Honey flavor was very tasty.

I wish I could say that my symptoms disappeared immediately, but they didn't. However, I hope that I'm back to normal faster than I would have been on my own.


  1. I love Emergen-C. I don't know if it's ever cured a cold, but it's a good vitamin C supplement.

    I've had some improvement with Zinc lozenges, but you have to take them at the start of a cold to get the maximum benefit.

  2. I've always been curious about Emergen-C. Thanks for the info.!

  3. Echinacea and zinc...I am a BIG believer in both. First sign of a throat tickle, and I'm suckin' that stuff down like crazy. Seems to keep me going and the symptoms usually disappear pretty quickly. Of course, I believe that it's all in the mind. If you believe you will be better, then you will.

    Also, I try to do preemptive stuff like take a day off here and there just to rest.

  4. Hi guys:

    I would encourage you to try a supplement I have been using and also include in my blog (balanced immune health dot com). The ingredeint is called EpiCor, and it's a nutritional agent for balancing your immune system. There really isn't any notable science showing bulking up on C prevents or shortens colds. That's why Airbone got sued for 25 million big ones.

    Getting your immune system in balance is a big step in helping you survive cold and allergy season, plus other inflammation-based conditions. Your immune system has to be trained not to overreact or underreact to a pathogen.

    I've been taking an EpiCor-containing supplement since Feb. 08 and have been really pleased. No Zytec or Claritin needed during allergy seasons. My highschool daughter came home multiple times with bronchial crud and coughing as the winter temps in Iowa took hold. I have escaped any symptoms so far.