Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Thing #296--Par-tee

Today was beautiful for early November; it was sunny, the temperature was in the mid-70s, and the trees were at the peak of color. It was a perfect day to be outside.

Son Donald, Son Brian, and Brian's friend Nicole were visiting for the day. We decided to play a round of miniature golf at a course not too far from the house. On the drive there, we talked about our respective skills. None of us were accomplished golfers, so I knew it would be a nice friendly game.

We paid the fee, picked out our balls and scorecard, and headed to Hole #1. Most holes on this course were Par 2 or Par 3. Through the first nine holes I only made par a couple of times. On many of the holes I hit the maximum number of strokes allowed without even sinking the ball!

When we got to the back nine, I started to get a more consistent with my shots. Then, much to my amazement, I shot a hole-in-one! Even more amazing, I shot three consecutive hole-in-ones on a miniature golf course. I was astonished at my good fortune. The holes weren't particularly easy; others in the group were hitting above-par or maxing out on strokes.

After my three miracles my play returned to normal. However, my incredible feat allowed my to come in second place, one stroke back of the winner.


  1. Over here that feat of a hole in one on a real golf course would have required you to buy a round of drinks in the bar ...

    Congratulations on your achievement.

  2. I ended up buying pizza for lunch...I guess that's close to the same thing :-)

  3. That's amazing! I love miniature golf, but usually I get one hole in one per game!