Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Thing #307--Ponderous Pedestrian

I came home from an appointment this morning and noticed that the tree in the back yard had shed a substantial number of leaves since I mowed the grass a week ago. In my opinion, it’s a whole lot easier to mow over the leaves than it is to rake them up, so I wanted to pull out the lawn mower and take care of that section of the yard today; the forecast calls for rain tomorrow, followed by colder weather.

I didn't want to walk into the house and go all the way upstairs to the bedroom to get my nasty green-stained grass cutting shoes, so I grabbed the pair that Tony keeps in the garage and put them on. I used them to walk in someone else's shoes while doing yard work.

Tony's feet are substantially larger than mine. Even though I hitched the shoelaces on his shoes up as tight as they would go, I still felt like a clown when I tried to walk. By the end of my fifteen-minute chore I was starting to get blisters on my feet. I was glad to put his shoes away and go back to my comfy ones.

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