Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Thing #300--The Burn

Today I created a playlist and burned it onto a CD.

You're laughing! No, I've never done this before.

I love music, but I generally listen to it on the radio. My CD collection is just middlin', and the music on my MP3 player is many of those same albums that I've ripped to my computer; I spend most of my time listening to the best radio station around, KDHX, which comes in strong and clear in my area.

Last year I wanted a mix of love songs to give to Tony for our anniversary. I compiled the list of songs and handed it and the CDs to son Donald who did the actual burning. However, Donald doesn't live here anymore, so I was on my own. I need some meditative music for an event later in the month; after much searching, I couldn't find exactly what I needed so I decided to make my own.

I went through my library picking out appropriate songs. I ended up purchasing some new downloads, and used some songs already on my hard drive. Some selections had vocals, and some were instrumental, but they all fit the mood I was looking for.

I made a playlist, then listened to it on the computer. Some of the segues weren't quite right, so I played with the arrangement of the tracks, then listened to the whole thing once more before I was ready to burn it onto a CD. When I looked around for blank media, I discovered we didn't have any; I called Donald, who was happy to supply me with some from his stash.

After the CD was burned, the last step was to listen to it in my car to make sure there weren't any skips. It was perfect!


  1. I tried to burn my 1st CD for Valentine's Day in February. It didn't work. Even Joseph the computer guy can't figure it out...

  2. Good on you, I still do this for my parents at times but it's way more satisfying to do it yourself! And there's nothing like a handmade mix of your favourite tracks to make the morning drive more fun :)

  3. Always a good thing to do, I created one called sanity check. Still have it and still love listening to it when I feel stressed.