Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Thing #202--Can You Read This?

Dictionary.com defines readability as "the quality of written language that makes it easy to read and understand."

Today I took the Blog Readability Test to find out what level of education is required to understand my blog. It was fun and very easy to do...I just had to enter my URL, hit the "Check Readability Now" button, and wait a couple of seconds.

Turns out that I write at a Junior High School level. I don't know if I'm pleased or disturbed by that fact. I hope that's not a reflection of my overall thinking; I believe that I'm more sophisticated than that.

I was curious to know how accurate the Website was, so I picked several random blog posts and used the grammar feature in MS Word. I discovered that, according to Bill Gate's staff, my writing (measured on the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level scale) is somewhere between a 6th and a 9th grade level.

blog readability test


  1. Interesting site. Mine showed up as College (undergrad). Probably all of the medical terms I use when talking about my son.

    There's nothing wrong with the JR High rating--Since that's probably where the Harry Potter series also falls, it means you will be more likely to attract and retain a large number of readers. If that's your goal.

  2. Hm-mm...my blog rated a Jr High level too. Must be due to all the teenagers I communicate with on a daily basis.

    I do remember reading somewhere, a year or two back, that Jr High is the reading level many mainstream publications find is the best for marketing purposes.