Monday, July 7, 2008

New Thing #178--It's Only Rock and Roll

Today was the Main Event of our trip to Cleveland. I visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

When people found out we didn't know anyone in Cleveland, they wanted to know why we wanted to go there. I'm a big music fan, and the Hall of Fame and Museum has been on my list of things to do for a long time. I can now say I've done it!

The museum was a short walk from our hotel. We were there at 10:00 when it opened. I had done research at home, and decided to become a museum member. It only cost a few dollars more than the cost of two admissions, and gave me some immediate benefits. I got a t-shirt in a great guitar-shaped box (my souvenir!), and a discount in the gift shop. So while the vast majority of the people headed straight to the admission counter, Tony and I went to the gift shop, became members, then went to the "Members Only" section and didn't have to wait in line to get in.

The building is shaped like a pyramid. We started in the museum on the bottom level, which is where the main exhibition hall is. About 2 1/2 hours later, we had seen most of it, but we thought it was time for lunch.

The other floors were smaller, and held fewer displays. When we left (close to 4:00) we agreed that we had seen most of the exhibits, and all of those we wanted to see. It would have taken MORE than one day to completely digest all the building had to offer!

My highlights:
  • Seeing artifacts that belonged to the artists. I especially enjoyed seeing actual costumes that had been worn on stage.
  • One of the special exhibits (on the very top floor, which was small and intimate) called "Break on Through-The Lasting Legacy of the Doors". There was a Doors concert playing on a video screen in the corner of the room, and the music permeated the area.
  • The movie in the Hall of Fame wing, that highlighted every one of the Hall of Fame inductees. Of course, it also included music!

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