Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Thing #183--Dear Me

Today I'm halfway through my year-long project. I can't believe how fast the time has gone! Instead of looking back to the past, today I looked forward and sent emails to myself in the future.

I used the Website FutureMe.org. The site allows you to send yourself an email time capsule at any date up to 30 years in the future-I chose to send myself birthday wishes (along with some affirmations) to be delivered next January, when I turn 50. After some thought, I ALSO composed and sent a message to myself for my next milestone birthday five years after that.

The process is very easy. All you have to do is enter your email address, the subject, and the message you want to send. The e-mail can be private or public (but anonymous). If you choose to make it public, it will be available on the FutureMe Website.

As I was composing my message, my big question was...what point of view to use when you're writing to yourself? I ended up using second person (you), as in "you did this" and "this is what you were thinking at the time". I'll see if it all makes sense next year when I receive the email in my Inbox. I wonder if I will have forgotten sending the 2009 version by time I receive it? I'm sure I'll be completely surprised to get a note from myself in 2014.


  1. Happy half birthday! I am only 3 weeks away from my 56th birthday and have been thinking about what I would say to me at 28, and again to me at 76. Your post made me think even more.

    These years have gone so quickly, and I have realized that wishing away time was my biggest flaw. Always wishing for time to pass, wishing for some other event to come. Now, I don't do that. I just take the day I have, and love it.

  2. Happy birthday back to you!

    Half birthdays used to be huge in our house--two of my three boys have summer birthdays, so in elementary school they could never take birthday treats on the day. We started doing that on "the half" and developed family traditions around the day.

  3. I was born on my sister's half birthday--17 1/2--to be exact.