Monday, July 21, 2008

New Thing #192--Reconnect

A while back I joined Facebook, mainly to see a friend's uploaded vacation pictures. I only log into my account about once a month. However, a conversation the other day sent me searching for familiar names from my past. Today I used the Friend Finder on Facebook to send an e-mail to a high school acquaintance.

My high school graduating class was huge (almost 800 students) and I didn't know most of the people. Consequently, I didn't recognize most of the names of fellow alumni on Facebook. However, one jumped out at me. Alice and I were in several of the same clubs. She joined the Peace Corps after college, and I lost track of her. According to her profile, she's now living in South Africa.

I sent her a quick e-mail asking how she was doing, and giving her a quick summary of what I've been up to. I felt weird hitting the "Send" button; what if she didn't WANT to reconnect with me? If she doesn't, I guess she'll just ignore my message. If she logs into her account as infrequently as I do, it could be months before I know!


  1. Hi Kathy,

    Found you through Tamberlyn. Thanks for the comment you left on my guest post there.

    Oh and it is so cool that you live in Manchester. We're practically neighbors. Odds are we might have even waited in line or at a stop light while next to each other.

    Am off to read more of your blog.

  2. First blogger I've found that lives in Manchester. Most people just give me a "deer in headlights" stare when they find out I blotg.

  3. I travelled so much that when I left school the last time I didn't even think of trading names or addresses... but it is a small price to pay for having been all over the world.

    Hope Alice gets in touch with you.