Friday, July 11, 2008

New Thing #182--List It

We had the upstairs carpets cleaned, so yesterday morning I was moving things out of the bedrooms before the technicians came.

I moved some shelves that had been in the corner for a long time - so long that I'd started to look past them and didn't even realize they were there anymore. They were just plain sturdy curio shelves that had hung on the wall in one of the kids' rooms. I was keeping them "just in case" I had a use for them. However, yesterday I decided that I could use the extra space they took up.

They were too nice to give away on Freecycle, so today. I became a member of, and posted an item on Craigslist.

The process was really easy. I took a picture of the shelves and uploaded it to the Website, then added the description and price. I made them REALLY cheap because I want them out of my house!

I hope that someone decides they need my shelves and contact me. If the process goes well, I have many more things I could get rid of...

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