Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Thing #170--Road Trip

Months ago, son Brian asked if we'd be interested in going to Kansas City to see the Cardinals play there. It sounded like a great idea, so we purchased tickets. Today I went on a road trip to Kansas City see a baseball game.

We've been to Chicago before to see the Cardinals play the Cubs, but this was my first time watching the two in-state teams duke it out. I've NEVER been to the home stadium of an American League team; I knew they'd be using a designated hitter (which I've never seen in person).

Because we didn't want to get up incredibly early today, we drove to Columbia last night, stayed in a hotel, and met up with Brian (and his girlfriend Nicole) this morning. You can't have a proper road trip without food, so we decided to get some BBQ for lunch before the game. We ate at a restaurant in Blue Springs called ZardaQ. It was very easy to get to from the highway, and the food was great. Son Tony, who drove in from Tulsa, joined us for lunch and the game.

The drive to Kansas City was easy, but there was a HUGE traffic jam to get into the stadium parking lot! Unlike the stadium parking in St. Louis, there is only one parking lot for Kauffman Stadium. We got into the stadium in the bottom of the first inning, and I was struck by how many red shirts I saw. It seemed like the Cardinals had as many fans as the Royals did.

The Cardinals haven't done too well against Kansas City so far this year, but they won last night and we were hopeful they would do well again today. They won; the score was 9 to 6. Albert Pujols, who was serving as the Designated Hitter, hit a homer for the Cardinals, and came about a foot from a second home run. Because the Royals scored a run in the sixth inning, we were able to get a free hot fudge sundae at Sheridan's Frozen Custard by showing our ticket stub.

We drove home happy that we enjoyed a great game.

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