Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Thing #151--Watch It On the Web

Someone sent me a link to a video - 72nd to Canal -- A Web Sitcom a while back. I left the message in my Inbox till today, when I followed the link and I watched an episode of a web-based show.

I don't watch a lot of video in general, but if I'm going to do it, I prefer to be in the family room, parked on the couch, viewing the big screen TV, not in front of my computer in the kitchen with the small computer screen and the relatively uncomfortable desk chair. I've only used my computer monitor for watching very short video clips, and never anything that had a plot.

The show was pretty interesting. I'd probably give it an R rating for the language, though-- mainly the F-word. The episode was divided into four parts, each less than eight minutes long. I started out watching the first section, got sucked into it, and ended up watching the entire episode.

This was the pilot episode, and I couldn't find any other episodes on YouTube--just some promos and teasers for the show. However, a search of YouTube told me there are hundreds of other Web sitcoms. I'm sure I'll be watching some of them if someone I know personally recommends them to me.

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