Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Thing #167--Quilt It

Today I finished the project I started on Monday when I quilted a patchwork block pillow.

Yesterday, I stopped at the fabric store to get the materials I needed for the project. The directions called for a half-yard of quilt batting, and a half-yard of muslin for the quilt back. The batting and muslin both came in widths much wider than I needed, so I knew I'd have a substantial amount of each left over. I picked out the least expensive kind of each, had them measured, purchased it, and brought it home.

Today I cut squares of batting and muslin the size of my pillow block, and pinned them all together like a sandwich-quilt block, batting, and muslin. The directions said I should quilt along each seam line, to make concentric squares. After some trial and error with hand-quilting, I gave up and used the sewing machine.

The last step was to add a back to the pillow. The original pattern had directed me to cut out two pieces of blue material for the back. (They overlap on the pillow like an envelope, then the pillow form slides in.) I put a hem on each of the pieces, and pinned them to the quilt right sides together. I sewed a seam around the entire perimeter, turned the pillow inside out, and admired my work:

The directions told me the finished squares weren't supposed to be symmetrical; I'm glad they told me that, because as you can see, they aren't.

I was pessimistic about the results of the project, so I didn't buy a pillow form to put inside it...I'll have to make another trip to the fabric store to get it, then find a spot in my house to put the pillow!

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