Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Thing #159--Fold It

I bought an Origami Fold-A-Day calendar back in January and set it on my dresser. After a while I stopped noticing it was there. A little later something got set on top of it, covering the box up. When I cleaned up my bedroom today, I discovered it again. Tonight, I folded origami.

The calendar came in a box with instructional guides and paper. Each piece of paper had diagrams for a folded figure. If you were going to do a fold each day, you'd use the previous day's page to fold tomorrow's origami. However, I just picked several figures to fold (in different colors). The picture doesn't do justice to the figures--there's a penguin, a cup, an ice cream cone, a frog, a table, and a "cootie catcher".

Some of the figures were easy to put together, and some of them were harder. I have hundreds more figures I can learn to do next time I get a chance!

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