Friday, June 13, 2008

New Thing #154--From Point A to Point B

Today I had to pick up the bed rail I dropped off at a furniture repair store across town last week. Unlike last week, though, I wasn't planning my whole day around the errand. I thought I'd take the most direct route there, do my business, and come back towards my neighborhood.

As I was driving east on Interstate 44, though, I remembered that Kingshighway, the road I had to take, was being repaired last week. I had to drive for a couple of miles on pavement that was scarified last week. I HATE driving on grooved roads, so I decided to take an alternate route to get to my destination.

Note: If this had been in my own neighborhood, this Thing would have been a non-event. My sense of direction is ok, but not great. I know West County like the back of my hand , and know two or three different ways to get anyplace. However, I don't know South St. Louis at all.

I got off the highway at Hampton (one exit early) and headed south. I knew I'd eventually need to turn left. I had to get to Arsenal, a fairly major street, so I thought I'd just look at every street with a stop light and know when to turn. However, when I came to a street without a visible sign I took a chance and made my turn; a block later I was happy to see that I actually was on Arsenal.

When I reached the intersection of Kingshighway and Arsenal I knew exactly where I was, and how to get to the furniture repair shop. After I had completed my errand, I wondered if I could find yet another route that would keep me off Kingshighway. Much to my surprise, I could! I turned at Tower Grove, where there was a stop sign, and wound my way through Tower Grove Park, past the Botanical Garden, and followed the signs back to the highway.

After I made it back home, I checked a street guide and found even more ways I could have gone.

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