Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Thing #155--Surprise!

Tony and I were invited to yet another 50th birthday party tonight. This one, however, had a twist. Tonight I attended a costume party.

The party was a surprise for our friend Annie. Her hubby Bill went all out. The invitation said
Please join us for Annie's 50th Birthday. One of her favorite shows was the Love Boat - so let's show her some love. We would like everyone to come as your favorite "B" actor from the 70s.
There were a wide variety of costumes. Annie was the Special Guest Star of the evening. There were characters from the Love Boat, and some who hadn't been on the show. After much discussion, Tony and I decided to go as Oliver Wendell Douglas and Lisa Douglas from Green Acres. We had a great time figuring out our costumes. I did my best to style my hair like Eva Gabor's in the show, and wore ruffles, pearls, rhinestones. Tony did his best gentleman farmer imitation, and even carried a pitchfork for a prop.

Here's the real thing--

Here's our interpretation--

The party was a hoot! Bill had everything well planned. He had the guests announced as they met Annie at the main doors. After a great dinner, there were contests--musical chairs, the stroll, and the limbo, with prizes for the winner of each. Bill had his computer set up to play music throughout the night.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNIE! Hope it was a good one.

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