Friday, June 27, 2008

New Thing #168--It Can't Be Christmastime Already?!

Our extended family has gotten older and bigger. All of my children are now in their 20s, and with only two exceptions, all of my nieces and nephews are too. Some of the "younger generation" have significant others who also come to family parties.

It was getting difficult to get meaningful Christmas presents for everyone, because I don't see all of them on a regular basis. Because of this, we're modifying our Christmas celebration. We decided that this year we would have a Rob Your Neighbor game at our family get together. Since most of the young people don't have a lot of money, we settled on a $5 limit for the presents.

Ever since then I've been keeping an eye out at garage sales and clearance sales for the perfect present. I wanted something cheesy and funny, but not sleazy. Today when I was at Hobby Lobby buying garden decorations I noticed that they had a clearance section. I browsed, and I found the perfect white elephant Christmas gift.

Of course, I can't post a picture of it, or even give any clues. I'm pretty sure that it will be unique, though. I also think I'll be really happy come December, when I don't have to shop for this present!

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