Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New thing #165--Sensible

The Website SensibleUnits.com has the tagline "Convert boring units to real objects as you type!" When I input my weight, it told me I was the equivalent of:
  • 41 average physics textbooks (I wouldn't know; I never took physics)
  • 14 average domestic cats (my favorite!)
  • 9.4 men's shotputs (this is probably appropriate with the Olympics coming up)
  • 3.8 microwave ovens (REALLY heavy ones-over 40 pounds each!)
I was also:
  • 68 kilograms
  • 10.7 stone
  • 6.94 hyls
  • 5.36 quarters
  • 4.66 slugs
  • 1.5 hundredweights (short)
  • 0.068 tonnes (metric)
  • 0.067 tons (long)
Who knew there were so many ways to measure something!


  1. I just checked out the site. It's pretty cool, you can convert objects to other objects. For example, I found out that 2 dual layer DVDs are big enough to hold 6.3 copies of English Wikipedia or 5.3 human genomes!

    So, I wonder how 14 Average cats would convert to "Jacksons". I think that Jackson may be a little overweight, but he really seems to have slimmed down over the past 6 months or so (must be from him running so many laps around the downstairs).

  2. Lud I don't think there are enough physics textbooks for me :-) interesting though.