Sunday, March 9, 2008

NewThing #58--Extreme Shower Games

I went to a baby shower today. All of the normal elements were there--good friends, great food, and a cake to die for. However, I played some baby shower games were anything but ordinary!

The first game was a stroller obstacle course in the host's driveway. The participants took turns pushing an empty stroller around overturned chairs, trash can lids, and a Christmas tree stand. Hitting the obstacles resulted in an extra 5-second penalty. The winner was the person with the quickest time. High heels were a definite liability in this activity! I didn't do badly; I actually had the time to beat for a short while.

The second game was the poopy diaper game. There were six diapers that were filled with melted chocolate candy bars, making them look just like poopy diapers, and we had to guess what kind of chocolate candy bar was in each diaper. We could look and smell, but not touch or taste. (Like anyone would want to!) I only got half of these right, but that was just fine with me.

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