Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Thing #71--Energize Your Brain

Son Tony has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and continues to take classes through his job. I know NOTHING about engineering-as a matter of fact higher math and science scare me.

Tony's home this weekend for Easter; today he's catching up on his homework. With his papers and books spread out all over the couch he looked quite studious. In an attempt to try to capture some of his mental energy, I read a chapter in one of his textbooks.

The book was called Electrical Motor Controls. The first chapter was about the basic principles of electricity, Ohm's law, and circuits. I thought I was understanding what I read, but when I tried to answer the questions at the end of the chapter, I realized I really didn't have a clue!

I think I'll leave this topic to my resident expert.

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