Monday, March 31, 2008

New Thing #80--Note This

Guess what?! It's raining again today! My plan was to do an outside New Thing, so I had to change my plan when the precipitation started about 1:00.

On the iGoogle homepage, there was a link to a wikiHow page that sounded interesting, so today I learned how to fold a Bus Note.

I actually didn't know what a bus note was, but according to wikiHow:
At many camps, when the kids leave, they give each other notes to read on the bus once they've left. But they faced a problem: many kids gave into reading the note before they got to the bus because it was only folded in half, much to the disappointment of the person who wrote the note. To solve this problem, the kids made a bus note. This way, the note could only be opened once, and could not easily be read, reducing the likelihood that the receiver will succumb to temptation.
I didn't have anyone I needed to write a note to, so I looked for a colorful piece of paper to experiment with. I ended up using the front cover of an LL Bean catalog from the recycling bin. The directions were easy to follow, and in no time at all I had my very own bus note.

As I was folding, it felt like I was back in Seventh grade folding notes I could pass to my friends secretly in between classes.

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