Monday, March 17, 2008

New Thing #66--My Family Heritage

Today is St. Patrick's Day. There are a lot of people of Irish descent in the St. Louis area--the city has two parades. The first is held the Saturday before the day, and the other one is always on the actual day.

The forecast for today is cold and rainy, so I'm going to be staying inside. We'll have the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner tonight-Donald requested green snake bread to go along with his meat and veggies, so I'll pull out the bread machine and make the dough.

My maiden name was Sheahan, which is about as Irish as it gets. Today I researched the origins of the family name. According to the Website Sheahanfamily.org, Sheahan/Sheehan is one of Ireland's most numerous surnames, and variations can be traced back as far as AD177. A simple translation of the name would be peaceful. This is reflected in the coat of arms, which shows a dove holding an olive branch. Today there are many Sheahans in counties Cork, and Kerry and Limerick. Maybe someday I'll get there to shake their hands.


  1. I was wondering if you we're Irish! You know we even celebrated St Patrick's Day in Jamaica where I grew up! I guess as it's British Commonwealth.

    1. Christine, THANKS for following my links! I think you're right about the British influence in celebrating St. Patrick's Day.