Friday, March 21, 2008

New Thing #69--Show Me the Money

No one in their wildest imagination would call me a high roller gambler. I mainly stick to slot machines (but have played blackjack and roulette at a couple of Casino Nights) and haven't been to a casino in St. Louis in several years. However, with Tony's help I did some exotic betting.

It started at breakfast, where they conveniently had Keno sheets and a booklet explaining all the different ways to play the game. Keno is really just one step up from playing the lottery, but for only 25 cents a game I could play the same 8 numbers for 21 consecutive games, so I grabbed a crayon, picked my numbers, and gave the card and money to the runner; she quickly brought my receipt back. When we checked back at the Keno station a couple of hours later, I had won a whopping $1.00!

Tony decided to wager that both the Cardinals and the Rams would win their league championships this year. He filled out the forms, and I flashed my loyalty card so his bets would add to my reward credits.

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