Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Thing #55--My Peeps

Our daily paper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, is running a Peeps contest; you have to create an image using marshmallow Peeps in one of four categories--Presidential Peeps; Traveling Peeps (scenes around St. Louis, Peeps Gone Wild); Movie or TV Peeps; and Potpourri Peeps.

I decided to make an image of Peeps sledding down Art Hill in front of the Art Museum in Forest Park. The Peeps wore hats and scarves I made out of fabric and ribbon scraps. I found a great picture that someone took the other day to use as my background (thanks for giving me permission to use your picture, Christine!) and printed it out. The picnic table on the deck served as the foreground for the scene; I arranged the Peeps in front of Art Hill, along with a popsicle-stick sled, took a photo, and uploaded it to the POST.

Here's my scene:

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