Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Thing #61--Comic Commentary

I was meeting a friend for dinner tonight and had some time to kill, so I stopped in the local Borders. On my way to find a seat, I saw a display of comic books I'd never noticed before.

Much to my surprise, all the oldies but goodies from my youth were there--Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica haven't aged at all! All the superheroes were represented--Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, and Captain America each stared at me from the cover of their magazine. There were some I'd not seen before; a whole section of Star Wars and sequels, and others like Bart Simpson and Futurama.

However, the comic book that I ended up reading was the most unique one of all-it was called NASCAR Heroes. It had two sections. The first was a serial-type story that had a hero with superpowers named Jimmy Dash (whose pit crew also has superpowers), and a villain named Jack Diesel. The good guys were battling a monster of some type; they got him contained, and got back to the track in time to race. Good guys win the race (using some of their superpowers), villain goes to jail. The second section was more about the history of NASCAR.

I have never been to an auto race in my life, and haven't watched more than a lap of any race on TV, so I doubt I'm the target audience for this comic. Even so, it's nice to know it's out there.

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