Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Thing #50--Swept Away

My kitchen floor is always getting dirty. Between the crumbs that fall from the table and the countertop, the cat hair, and the litter the kitties kick out of the box when they're doing their business, I have to sweep the floor every time I turn around. Today I made a newspaper dustpan to collect my dirt and throw it in the trashcan.

The project came from the Recycled Crafts section of The Craftgossip Blog Network. It required one sheet of newspaper and a stapler, both of which I had handy. After a couple of folds and a couple of staples, the dustpan was ready to use.

I had a big pile of stuff to sweep up. The dustpan worked ok, but didn't really pick up the cat litter. I think if I made one again, I might use more than one piece of newspaper to make it stiffer.

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