Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Thing #65--AAAARGGG!!!!

There's not much I haven't done, cooking wise, but I've always wanted to grind my own meat. A while back I bought a meat grinder at a garage sale. It had a 70s avocado-color base, and attachments for meat and vegetables. I put it on the table in the basement, and promptly forgot it was there; the other day I found it and brought it up to the kitchen. My New Thing for today was to grind some beef and make hamburgers with it.

The only problem was that the grinder didn't work! The ground beef never did come out of the nozzle, but just jammed up in the hopper. A couple of times the mass of beef made the grinder blade fall off. The only thing that did come out was meat juice, which ran all over the counter. After about 10 minutes of trying different things, I gave up and chopped the meat in the food processor.

I think I'll Freecycle the grinder with a warning about its problems.

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  1. Long ago, when I was a small child, my mother had a hand grinder that attached to the kitchen table, and she used it to grind chicken for chicken salad sandwiches, and roast beef for beerocks. I usually got to turn the handle while she fed the meat in at the top. It too leaked juices and my mother would put newspaper on the floor, under the grinder.

    Fast forward 40+ years, and I use my wonderful Cuisinart for the same tasks. No leaks, no messes, very fast. As for making my own hamburger--no way. I go to Whole Foods and let them grind my meat.