Friday, March 14, 2008

New Thing #63--The (Cat) Grass is Greener

A couple of days ago, when I watered the plants in my kitchen, I saw that one of the cats had been chewing on them (AGAIN!). This week it was the aloe-there was a whole leaf laying on the shelf next to the pot. I'm pretty sure I know which cat it is, but can never catch him in the act. I'm tired of the plants being mutilated, so today I planted a pot of grass seed specifically for the cats.

This will actually be the second time I've tried to interest Pepper and Jackson in something other than my houseplants. A couple of years ago I bought a catnip plant at the pet store. They completely turned up their little noses at both the live plant and the dried pieces I supplied them, preferring exotics like philodendron and peace lilies.

However, I'm an eternal optimist. I was at the garden shop today, and saw a pre-packaged "Garden in a Bag" for cats with soil and seeds. It was very expensive, so I decided to pass, but I asked the salesclerk if they had any bulk seed I could buy (since I already have soil and pots at home); she showed me baggies filled with rye seed for sprouting. I came home, planted some seed in a small pot, and put it on the window seat to sprout.

If they like the sprouts, I'll plant a big flat just for them!

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