Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Thing #64--Hang It Up

I was out shopping for some new clothes today. I found three items to take into the dressing room (which was well under their posted limit of six). The dressing room was really cluttered with clothes that other people had left there. After I tried my things on, I organized and hung up the extra clothes that were in the dressing room.

I'll confess that my motives weren't completely pure. There were some interesting-looking shirts in there, and a pair of pants that would have been perfect. Unfortunately, they weren't my size. I put all the clothes on hangers, made sure the pants were attached securely, and buttoned a button on each shirt to make sure they didn't fall off. There were nine or ten things I returned to the unwanted merchandise rack in addition to the things I'd brought in; a lady waiting in line to try things on gave me a really dirty look-I guess she thought I'd tried ALL the clothes on and taken more than my share of dressing-room time.

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  1. You sound like my husband, who long ago worked in retail. He goes through stores rehanging items, refolding sweaters, rearranging shoes. When I make a mess of something in a store, and he's with me, he tidies it up while I walk away.