Monday, March 3, 2008

New Thing #52--Where Do You Sweat?

I had to take the lawn mower in for it's annual checkup, so I was running in the opposite direction today. I decided to go to a different gym for my workout.

The Manchester Gold's Gym, where I usually go, is close to my house and very nice. Although I'm far from buff, I feel comfortable there. It has everything I need, and a few things (free weights) I never use. The staff is welcoming, and there are a core group of fellow exercisers I see there every day. The Fenton gym, which recently opened, is substantially farther away from my house, but it was right on the path of my errands today.

I'd heard good things about the Fenton facility from other people, However, when I walked in, my first thought was "HOLY CRUD!"; it was bigger, brighter, and newer looking. In addition to all the amenities I'm used to, this gym has a lot more. The locker room was much larger and nicer than the one I'm used to. I tried out a different type of treadmill that had an integrated fan, and the cardio theater--a darkened room with a huge screen showing a movie. The Spinning room was darkened, and there were black lights glowing during the class. I didn't use the basketball court, but it looked great.

I enjoyed my visit, but I think on a daily basis the need to grab that extra 20 minutes of sleep will prove to be more important to me.

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