Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Thing #53--Let It Snow!

We got 10" of snow today. The St. Louis metropolitan area got anywhere from 3" to 12". The forecast said it was going to start this morning at 7:00, so when I woke up and didn't see anything, I figured the forecast was wrong. However, once it started at about 10 AM it just kept coming and coming. I got to stay home from work thanks to the weather.

I spent part of the day painting Donald's closet in preparation for a organization project, and spent more than an hour shoveling snow. I had big ambitions to do a fancy project with the white stuff outside, but my sore muscles thought otherwise. Instead, I made a virtual snowflake.

I made my flake at the Website Popular Front:SnowDays. The directions were very easy; I had to click and drag to move the virtual scissors. When I was done, the site told me my snowflake was number 6,344,233. I had a chance to watch my flake fall to the ground. Here's a screen shot:

I hope these are the last snow flakes I see this winter!

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