Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Thing #3--A Fine Fig

My friend Sydney lives in southern Georgia. We've been friends since high school, but she left St. Louis shortly after college. We still manage to keep in contact. Syd always sends the best Christmas packages, and this year was no exception.
Among other gifts was a jar of her home-canned peach fig jam. I've had Fig Newton cookies, but I've never eaten recognizable figs. I could see round pieces of the fruit through the clear glass jar.

Last night I started a loaf of bread in the bread machine and woke to the great smell of fresh bread. We cut the loaf, opened the jar of jam, and dug in. Today I can say I ate a new food I've never tried before.

I did some research about figs. Did you know:

The edible fig is one of the first plants that were cultivated by humans.

For many years the fig has been used as a coffee substitute.

The fruit contains an enzyme that is considered an aid to digestion.

Becaue of its high alkalinity it has been mentioned as being beneficial to persons wishing to quit smoking.

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  1. Strawberry/Peach Fig Jam

    Figs, 3 or 4 pounds depending on size
    Sugar, about a cup for each pound of fruit
    2 boxes of jello, Strawberry or peach flavor, (don't use sugar free)

    Wash, stem and half the figs, mix in the sugar, bearing in mind that you will be adding sweetened jello to the mixture. Place in the refrigerator overnite.

    The next day pour the fruit and sugar mixture into a heavy pot, stir in the two boxes of jello, and cook over low/ medium heat until the sugar/jello is dissoved and the figs are very soft.

    Ladle the mixture into 1/2 or pint canning jars, seal, and water bath can for approximately 20 minutes.

    Remember: the hardest part of this recipe is not to get in a hurry when you are cooking the jam and burn the sugar. Watch it carefully!