Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Thing #2--Flexibility is Good

Today I replaced the cabin air filter in my car. It was really dirty! I also learned how to reset the annoying "Maintenance Required" light in my car that should have been done by the service center last month when I actually had the maintenance done. If you want to know how to change the air filter, here's a clip that explains it:

However, that wasn't what I planned for today's New Thing; my original plans fell through. I was going to donate blood. I tried to give blood years ago, only to be turned down. Since then, I've trotted out all the old excuses about how it's inconvenient and time consuming, and passed on all the opportunities I've had to do it. So earlier in the week, feeling virtuous and energetic, I made the appointment for today. However, I only lasted 30 seconds in the screening room. Turns out that the remains of the cold I got on Monday were enough to kick me out as a donor. I'm now 0-for-whatever as a blood donor.

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