Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Everyone has ideas...

The most interesting thing I've found in talking to people about this project is that everyone has done different things in their life. Some people's idea of an adventure is old hat to me; some can't believe I've led such a sheltered life.

Things I've already done
taken a train trip
swam with stingrays
walked on the Great Wall of China
listened to Bosnian music
participated in a mystery dinner theater
volunteered at a soup kitchen
watched a foreign movie with subtitles
walked with the early-morning mall walkers
eaten cactus (the second time voluntarily!)
stayed up all night on New Year's Eve
walked to work

I've never...
ordered room service in a hotel
been to the opera
worn cowboy boots
gotten my eyebrows professionally waxed
worked at a fast food restaurant
lived in an apartment (except on vacation)

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