Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Thing #18--Ah, Serendipity

One of the benefits of this project has been a new willingness to "drop everything" and go in a different direction at the spur of the moment.

That's what happened today. I was lying in bed before the alarm went off listening to the weather forecast. At 7:00 it was 59 degrees, but thanks to a cold front coming in it should be a frigid 20 degrees by bedtime. I knew I had to make the most of the nice temperature before winter came back. I decided to eat breakfast outside.

Son Donald starts his shift at Sonic at 7 A.M. He was really surprised when I knocked on the kitchen window to say hello. He came out to greet me, and made some recommendations from the menu since I've never eaten breakfast there. My food was fresh, hot, and good. I sat at a table on the patio and watched the traffic, then I waved goodbye to Donald as I left.

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