Monday, January 28, 2008

New Thing #17--Fun with Soap

Today's thing actually turned out to be two things!

When I was compiling my list of things to do this year, I did some Internet research...on one site it talked about microwaving a bar of soap to see what it would do. I thought that was interesting so I added it to my list.

That was going to be my project for the day. I grabbed a half-used bar of soap from the shower, put it in a measuring cup, and started the experiment. Wow, did it expand! My camera didn't do justice to the process, so here's a better video from YouTube:

However, seeing the soap disintegrate got me thinking...what would happen if I added water to it? Would it turn into liquid soap? I put some water into the measuring cup, added some more soap pieces, and nuked it some more. Here's the result:

I let the slurry set on the countertop to see what it would do after it cooled. Sadly, it became a semi-solid glob. I turned it out onto a cookie sheet and cut it into chunks, which I'll put back into the shower.

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