Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Thing #20--Snow Day!

The phrase Snow Day is music to the ears of anyone who works in the educational field. Thanks to a "major winter storm" that moved in a few hours earlier than predicted, there was no Quest today. By 3:00 there were a couple of inches of snow on the ground. What can you do with snow? Cook with it!

Today I made shaved ice with homemade syrup. I know snow today is full of pollutants, but I wasn't planning on eating much, so I figured we'd be ok. I put a measuring cup outside the garage door to catch the snow. It's a pretty sheltered place and, more importantly, easy to reach without getting your feet wet!

Brian just gave us a bottle of Key Lime juice as a souvenir from his recent cruise. I found a recipe for a limeade concentrate on the Cooking for Engineers Website. After the syrup cooled, I used an ice cream scoop to mound the snow in a custard cup and added syrup. YUM! It was sweet but had a tart aftertaste.

I tried to think of sunny, tropical weather as I was eating in my cold and gloomy kitchen.

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