Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Thing #13--Hearth & Home

The temperature for the last week has been stupidly cold...so cold all you want to do is hibernate inside. When Tony called and said he was working late tonight, I decided to pretend I wasn't in the middle of January, and I cooked dinner in the fireplace.

After I got the fire going, I made foil packets with carrots and celery, and put them on the floor of the fireplace. Pretty soon there was enough embers to cover them. I skewered a hot dog and pretended I was by a big bonfire as I cooked it. For dessert, I cooked bananas in a small cast-iron skillet and poured them over ice cream..

Donald thought my idea was funny, but he ended up joining me for dinner before he left for the night. I enjoyed the fire the rest of the evening.

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