Monday, January 7, 2008

Suggestions so far

I've gotten some great ideas so far from hubby Tony and friends Dani, Kathy C, and Patti, among others. Some of the best so far are:
  • wear two different shoes on purpose
  • attend a public rally
  • learn to crochet
  • email or meet with an author of something I enjoyed reading
  • start my memoirs
  • wear pajamas to work
  • serve dinner for breakfast
  • have a breakfast time picnic
  • wear a hat to the grocery store
  • go to a roller derby meet
  • go to a big college lecture hall lecture
Please keep the ideas coming!

1 comment:

  1. One thing I did, I thought most people don't think to do is, I wrote to the school I graduated from (all my teachers have long since gone on to their rewards) and thanked them for my education. Mentioned one or two things that specifically I learned there than I can see as a help in my life today. Most schools do their best and never receive the thanks they deserve.