Friday, October 31, 2008

New Thing #294--Hang 'Em High

In honor of Halloween, today I learned how to tie a noose.

A noose, or hangman's knot, is a scary Halloween symbol. Since many horror movies have a shot of a gallows, or a body swinging from a tree, I thought it would be fun to master the knot. (Although I would never actually put a noose outside; I like to keep my decorations family-friendly.)

I found a length of rope in the basement and followed the steps:

  • Lay the rope in a big "U".
  • Bring the right end of the "U" down parallel to the original rope, forming a wide, sideways, "S". The lead on the left side should be long, so that it can be tied to something when the noose is completed.
  • Hold the bottom of the original "U" and wrap the right end of the rope around the loop several times, starting at the bottom near your hand. (According to popular belief, the hangman's noose must have 13 coils, but six to eight loops are adequate.)
  • Poke the end of the rope through the top of the loop left by the "S"
  • Pull the right hand side of the 'U' through the coil that you have just created, until it securely holds the end of the rope.

The knot was actually pretty simple to tie. When I was finished, I "hung" a plastic pink flamingo that usually peeks out from behind my computer monitor:

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