Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Thing #284--Inside Voice, Please

I'm a very live-and-let-live, non-confrontational type of person, especially when it comes to minor affairs. Life's too short to get bent out of shape for things that aren't important. That's why it was so completely out of character today when I told a stranger to be quiet during an exercise class.

The gym I go to has a room for group classes that's pretty industrial looking, and another room for Yoga and Pilates classes that has much more ambiance. The problem is, though, in the morning the attendance for the Pilates classes exceeds the capacity of the room, so the entire class moves down the hall to the group exercise room. The instructor does her best to create a serene atmosphere by turning down the lights and playing music conducive to setting a mood.

There's one class attendee, however, "Princess", who does her best to ruin the mood. She lets loose with loud grunts and howls when things are difficult, and will sometimes sing along with the music. After "Princess'" outbursts, the instructor will make comments about keeping quiet, but they're always addressed to the general population in the room. "Princess" never seems to think the comments are being addressed to her.

Today, however, I'd had enough. The first time "Princess" grunted, I jokingly shushed her. She also laughed, but stopped her noises for a while. About ten minutes later she started again; I looked over at her and hissed, "Princess, stop it". I was afraid she'd have a comeback for me, but she just looked surprised.

It was too dark in the room to be sure, but I sensed the people around me were happy I'd spoken up.


  1. Thank goodness you did! I probably would've let it slide a few classes, but after a while you lose patience. It's just rude. If you want to grunt, go to a high impact class! :)

  2. Brave woman, in this day and age it can be difficult to say anything out loud for fear of reprisals. Yet when bad behaviour is condoned, because of fear, the world is a little bit worse off.

  3. Yeah, I rarely confront people on anything in this city. People are nutso and gun-happy. A year or so ago a cyclist got shot for confronting someone for littering. Scary.

    But it's good that you did it - I wish I felt more comfortable doing these types of things...I think I would be happier.