Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Thing #271--Can You See Me?

I've needed glasses since second grade, when an eye exam revealed I couldn't even see the big E at the top of the vision chart. I switched to contact lenses as a teenager, and wore them for almost 30 years before they became too much of a hassle and I went back to glasses.

Most of the time the glasses aren't too inconvenient, and sometimes it's even an advantage to have them on all the time. Now that I need glasses for reading too, I never have to worry about misplacing the "readers", because I have lineless bifocals; reading glasses and distance glasses rolled into one.

However, the glasses can be a big problem at the gym. I sweat a lot whenever I'm doing any type of aerobic activity. I'm continually taking off my glasses to wipe the sweat off my face. Today I had a revelation and I took off my glasses while I was working out.

I was taking a cycling class, which is a roomful of people on stationary bikes riding along to music. The instructor tells everyone what to do--go faster, slow down, turn up the bike's resistance dial (to simulate riding up a hill), or decrease it to "race". I've been doing the class for about nine months; it was only today that I realized that I didn't have to see to do what the instructor was saying. I took my glasses off and laid them on a ledge behind me.

It was very surreal. Without my glasses I can see shapes but not much else. The spinning room is part of the larger gym complex in a strip mall, but it has a big window that looks out over Manchester Road. I like to use a bike that affords a view out the window, but I today I couldn't see anything with the glasses off.

When the class started, the music was pumping, and the instructor was shouting out commands. After about 10 minutes, the sweat started pouring off my face; it was even dripping off the tip of my nose. However, it was very easy to use my sleeve or my towel to wipe the sweat off, because there were no glasses in the way.

At the end of the class I put my glasses back on and everything came back into focus. As I left the building, I realized that this Thing was a winner; I'm DEFINITELY doing it again!


  1. You should look to see if you would be a good candidate for Lasik. I did it and love it!! No more glasses, no more fogging up in the humidity, no more contacts, no more buying solution or getting frames to fit my head -- this is the life. You should look into it.

  2. Even though you couldn't read the E - you could have cheated...it's always an E @ the top!

    I wear my glasses all the time, but my newest pair have no pinchy bits in the middle [my nose is sensitive] - they just rest on my face...so if I'm sweating @ all or there is any humidity they slide right off my face...it's annoying...but they are amazing glasses.

  3. Stuck, several optometrists have told me I'm not a good candidate for Lasik, so I'm stuck with the glasses.

    Sydney, I can't imagine glasses without any nose pieces.

  4. I think sometimes in our gym being unable to see might be an advantage :-)

  5. My current glasses are infinitely more comfortable than any of my previous ones [I've been wearing them since I was 12 years old]. They just rest on the face and are superlight [plastic frames]. They rarely move and I wouldnt want any other type.

  6. I actually enjoy wearing my glasses, but made the recent switch to contacts because ... well, you know why... you read my blog entry. :-)

    I plan on wearing my glasses most of the time and saving the contacts for those occasions when I might encounter people who may bring up.. well, again... you know what I'm talking about.